Award Winning Illustration & Design

Charlie LaGreca has worked professionally in the illustration/ comics industry for 22 years. It all started at DC Comics, where Charlie worked for three years as an artist in the bullpen. His work has been seen in comics, magazines, newspapers, TV, digital media, ad campaigns, branding, corporate meetings, and live performances from such notable companies as Disney, Nickelodeon, DC Comics, Scholastic, Lego, Top Shelf Comics, Golden Publishing, Fortune Magazine, Fuse TV, Versus TV, Starwood Westin Hotels, and more. As a writer and cartoonist, he has created original comics for such companies as Disney, Nickelodeon, Allied Waste, ActionTec, C2Creative, Boehringer Ingelheim, and most recently,the Environmental Justice Chronicles for CUNY and Transmission a graphic novel for the NY Museum of Science.

Charlie is the original co-founder of Comic Book Classroom (Now Pop Culture Classroom), an NGO dedicated to using comic books to foster literacy in socio-economically challenged schools. He is also the founder and producer of Dink Comic & Art Expo and Denver Comic Con, which have both garnered praise and success within the convention and comic book industry.