The Hair Pair Collection 2021

Finally! Available in a single collection… Disney Adventure’s Hair Pair

Disney Adventures was a children’s entertainment and educational magazine published ten times per year by The Walt Disney Company. It should not be confused with the (also defunct) Disney Magazine. Disney Adventures also contained the latest news concerning the Disney Channel.


Michael Lynton was inspired to start the magazine after noting the success of the Italian Mickey Mouse magazine which included comics and features. The magazine was first published on October 16, 1990 and featured a wide assortment of educational material, entertainment news (from Disney and other studios), sports coverage, profiles of celebrities, user contributions, and puzzle games.

Regular features included a guide to television, movies, books, and music called “Ticket”, factoids about unusual yet actual things under the title “Weird Yet True”, and a sports guide that appeared during the late 1990s called “ESPN Action.” The first issue was dated November 12, 1990, and featured Rick Moranis on the cover.

Sample Pages

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